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Meet Blue and her Crew

This book was so good. The was a coming of age story of a high school crew. The haves and the have nots on a smaller scale. I loved the friendship between Stacey, Blue and Dominique. It's a story of identity, loyalty and heart mixed with the beginnings of first love and life's choices. There was a lot going on but the pacing was nice. The story flowed it and did not feel cluttered. I loved the parents coming together. I just liked the story.

I was stuck screaming, RRRAAAAYYYYYYY! The end made me stand up from my desk. It is a cliff hanger so beware.

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While reading this, I got ALL the feels! I love that I was able to grow with the characters, from middle to high school. I witnessed them encounter everyday problems and handle them realistically. The writing is simply SUPERB! I’m hooked! Please please please build your catalog! I need more, ASAP.


This series had me in my emotions!!! Loved Blue, she was just amazing. The whole crew really! I enjoyed the lessons being recognized. Real life situations actually being resolved the right way. Thank you for this! Can’t wait to read what’s next!

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