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So, You Finished Writing Your First Book... Now What?

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

You did it! I mean, you really did it! You wrote your first book. Even if you decide to never put it out, you wrote your first book. But we all know that simply isn’t a thing; I mean not putting it out. When I initially started Blue Obstacles many, many, ma—okay years and years ago. That was one of my anxious thoughts: maybe I won’t even put it out; this is therapeutic for me and my pain.

I can call it a thought now, but in reality, it was an excuse or maybe even a bold face lie I told myself when I couldn’t write for whatever reason I was using at the time. Whether it was I didn’t feel like it, the words wouldn’t come together, or I genuinely didn’t think I had time, I’d finish it off with, well, I probably won’t put it out anyway.

As the moons have come and gone and I decided to truly get back on the writing horse, that thought is now silly, and definitely not in a funny way. Why not put it out? Isn’t it a story that should be told? While you were writing and enjoying this story—as though it were written by one of your favorite authors—didn’t the thought cross your mind that someone else may enjoy it too? And therein lies the answer. Put it out because someone else may enjoy it too.

We all have our reasons for why we sit down and start to tell our stories via fingers against a keyboard or screen. But what’s the point of writing a story no one will ever read? So, I say this in hopes of reaching the fingertips of those itching to express themselves in what I feel is one of the most significant forms of getting a message out. After you’ve written the book, sat with the euphoric feeling of accomplishment, edited said book, edited again, and then edited some more. Put it out!!! You never know who will relate. One of the most extraordinary sentiments when going through anything is knowing you are not alone.

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