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Sentiments After my Second Release

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

So, I realized I’ve yet to share my sentiments on the fact that I finished writing my second book and I even published it too, lol. I haven’t worked up enough nerve to do a pre-publication thought post yet, but…soon come. At this point, I don’t exactly remember where my head went after I hit publish for Fortified, but I remember that astounding feeling of accomplishment. I recall it being just as strong as the first time, and it is still that same euphoric sensation. I’m wondering if it will wean with time or if it won’t feel as joyous or if it will vary from project to project. Whatever it does I pray it vanishing isn’t in the forecast.

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the delight when I’m writing, as well as putting my baby out for the world to read at the end, what I’m learning along the way about myself as a writer and how my process is going should be recorded. That is because I’m sure there are others who either want any information they can get their hands on about writing journeys in general or because they’re creative and are maybe just searching for inspiration. Whatever the case may be, I’m documenting and taking readers who want to partake daily.

With that being said, one of the most important discoveries I’ve figured out with this second release is the areas I want to improve on as a writer thus far. I’m seeing how the ultimate goal will remain, but the way to get there will zigzag. While this doesn’t come as a shock, because I’m sure we’ve all seen those diagrams with the success journey displayed as an arduous one. I think the creative voyage scales differently. I think those depictions are geared more toward a corporate world, even if it involves selling creativity like music or film. An artist’s success template can’t be depicted in an illustration and like almost everything else, individuals have their key points that need their attention.

I picked up on a great deal of what needs care from me as I continue to push my pen and I’m happy I figured some of it out as early as I have. Getting feedback on Fortified has humbled and motivated me. It might sound crazy but seeing my flaws has pushed me to a place of being anxious to prove it to myself. While I’m happy to turn any nay-sayers into hand-raisers on the way, I can say with certainty that I’m in this to see myself do it and I’m genuinely happy with that.

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