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Blue Obstacles

Blue Obstacles is a story of firsts that pinpoints the memorable transitional times from prepubescence to youth to young adult.

Blue’s evolution begins as an innocent adolescent with a strong affinity for football. She quickly learns life’s twists and turns are never predictable, beginning with navigating the bumpy roads of love and lust with popular basketball star Jason. Luckily for her, she has two best friends on this crazy journey, and the trio does whatever it takes to keep each other grounded.

Through thick and thin as well as laughter and tears, Blue learns the true meanings of friendship, family, and love. As Blue and the girls embark on the many adventures being youthful and carefree has to offer, she begins to realize maybe she has bitten off more than she can chew. When the love of her life gets himself involved with a crew who’s out for revenge that he knows nothing about, Blue must decide how far she will go for love.

Blinded by this unconventional fusion, Blue makes some shaky decisions that can possibly lead her down a questionable road. Will she remain on track with her dreams and aspirations, or will she allow life to derail her and take hold of the steering wheel?

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